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[February 20 2007] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Sometime All You Have To Do Is Compare Realities - Tactic: The Homeless Panhandle The Political Fundraisers In The Run-up To The '08 Elections

Published February 20, 2007

In The News: Iraq: 'Clear & hold' operations in Baquba apparently didn't clear & didn't hold. The insurgents had taken control of the southern part of the city and now AQ-in-Iraq is in 'complete control' of Baquba.

Follow the fundraisers if you want to know who's running for president: Barack Obama in LA... Hillary Clintonwill soon follow... Homeless panhandlers should attend to the streets outside these $1,000/plate dinners. The limousine lanes are suggested.

Speaking of funds, and fundraisers, The Buffalo and some of his ...friends... visited our congressman Sam Farr last friday to talk about the war and how it gets funded, and how we expected that Mr. Farr WAS NOT going to fund it anymore.

Details, Critique & YouTube [Here]

Walter Reed Army Hospital is falling apart per the Washington Post. The person in charge of fundraising for the outpatient counseling and rehabilitation services runs his own veteran's benefit organization. Nice.

Senators Joe Biden & Carl Levin WILL start working on de-authorizing the war in Iraq right after the President's Day recess. Will they get done before the Easter recess comes up?

Iran begins three day live ammo miliary exercises, land and air. Claims of impingement into traditional Iraqi territory. Details.

A Bomb blast at a McDonalds in St. Petersburg Russia is blamed on 'hooligans'. I'd hate to meet their mafia if these bombers are just 'hooligans'.

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."
Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Service

Recorded by The Buffalo In Da' Midst @ My Buffalo River Home

Source KPIG Radio Freedom California
Run time 11:29 Minutes


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Source: KPIG Radio Freedom California
Source: Source: KVMR Radio Nevada City Nevada
Source: KPIG Radio Freedom California